Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who are Those Guys? Harry Baird

Harry Baird was born in Georgetown, British Guyana and received his education in Canada and England. Carol Reed gave Harry his film break in 1954 when he was cast in the role of a boxer named Jamaica in “A Kid for Two Farthings”. A year later he appeared on stage the musical “Kismet” at London’s Stoll Theater. He would continue to appear on stage sporadically thereafter devoting his time to film roles acting and as a stuntman. He first appeared on TV in the 1958 adventure series “White Hunter”. He became popular with his appearance as the young black man brutalized by the police in “Sapphire” (1959). He continued as a supporting actor in both films and on television including a role in “Secret Agent” (1964). As parts grew scarce in the U.K. he traveled to Europe especially Italy and France where he found work and lead roles such as “The Story of the Three-Day Pass” (1968) directed by Melvin Van Peebles. Other noted film appearances included “The Oblong Box” (1969) and “The Italian Job” where he met Michael Cain and the two became great friends. During this time he made four Euro-westerns: “A Colt in the Hand of the Devil”, “Trinity and Sartana are Coming” both in 1972, “Those Dirty Dogs” (1973) and his best role as Bud in “Four of the Apocalypse” (1975). During this time Baird was diagnosed with glaucoma which forced him to retire before going completely blind. He always remained upbeat. He was married and divorced and had a daughter. He died of cancer in London on February 13. 2005.

BAIRD, Harry [5/12/1931, Georgetown, British Guiana - 2/13/2005, London, England, U.K.] - stage, TV actor, stuntman.
When the Devil Grips a Colt - 1972
Trinity and Sartana are Coming - 1972 (Trinity/Trinidad)
Those Dirty Doges - 1973 (Corporal Washington Smith)
Four of the Apocalypse - 1975 (Bud)

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  1. I heard that the accent that Harry Baird used in "Trinity And Sartana Are Coming" was his true accent. Is this true?