Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RIP Salvador Arias

The pioneering voice actor and teacher of actors Salvador Arias died November 22, 2010 at the age of 92. His life was an example of passion, tireless work and commitment both to his profession and his principles. In his youth, his love of literature led him to the Residencia de Estudiantes, where he befriended members Generazione of 27. He was part of the Alliance of Antifascist Intellectuals and the Guerrillas del Teatro, directed by Rafael Alberti and María Teresa León, who discovered his true vocation, interpretation, and he began working in theater. After the war, Franco's obligation to translate and dub films into Spanish led to the development of an industry in which Salvador has developed his craft with absolute mastery. He voiced thousands of characters and directed the dubbing of hundreds of historical films such as Citizen Kane (for which he develope a relationship of friendship and mutual admiration with Orson Welles), and directed the studies Arcofón. Later he founded his own school in which they trained generations of voice actors, which today are now teachers, instructing mainly interpretation ("A an actor cannot be voiced without you yourself being a good actor" preached Salvador), but also in humanism, passion and commitment.

ARIAS, Salvador (Salvador Arias Martin) [1918, Spain - 11/22/2010, Badajoz, Badajoz, Extemadura, Spain] - voice actor.
The Judgment of the Coyote - 1954 [Spanish voice of Senor Cardenas]
Four Bullets for Joe - 1963 [Spanish voice of Tullio Altamura]
Gunfighters of Casa Grande - 1963 [Spanish voice of Emilio Rodríguez]
Sign of the Coyote - 1963 [Spanish voice of Arturo Dominici]
Ride and Kill - 1964 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]
The Secret of Captain O’Hara - 1964 [Spanish voice of Black Hawk]
The Tomb of the Pistolero - 1964 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]
Adios, Gringo - 1965 [Spanish voice of Pierre Cressoy, Herrero]
Mutiny at Fort Sharp - 1965 [Spanish voice of Broderick Crawford]
Outlaw of Red River - 1965 [Spanish voice of Jesús Tordesillas]
Ringo’s Big Night - 1965 [Spanish voice of José Bódalo]
Seven Guns for the MacGregors - 1965 [Spanish voice of Fernando Sancho]
The Avenger - 1966 [Spanish voice of Livio Lorenzon]
The Ballad of a Bounty Hunter - 1966 [Spanish voice of James Philbrook]
Django Kill - 1966 [Spanish voice of Roberto Camardiel]
The Fury of Johnny Kid - 1966 [Spanish voice of Andrés Mejuto]
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 1966 [Spanish voice of a padre]
The Long Days of Vengeance - 1966 [Spanish voice of Juez]
Face to Face - 1967 [Spanish voice of John Karlsen]
Run, Man, Run - 1967 [Spanish voice of Gianni Rizzo]
Seven Pistols for a Massacre - 1967 [Spanish voice of Roberto Camardiel]
A Stranger in Paso Bravo - 1967 [Spanish voice of José Calvo]
Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die - 1967 [Spanish voice of Franco Pechini]
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone - 1968 [Spanish voice of Furio Meniconi]
Killer Adios - 1968 [Spanish voice of Bob]
Ringo: the Lone Rider - 1968 [Spanish voice of Alfonso Rojas]
The Taste of Vengeance - 1968 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]
The Price of Power - 1969 [Spanish voice of Wallace]
Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid - 1969 [Spanish voice of Antonio Casas]
Blood and Guns - 1970 [Spanish voice of Orson Welles]
Gunman in Town - 1970 [Spanish voice of José Jaspe]
Hannie Caulder - 1970 [Spanish voice of Strother Martin]
They Call Me Triity - 1970 [Spanish voice of Steffen Zacharias]
The Grand Duel - 1972 [Spanish voice of Jess Hahn]
Sonny and Jed - 1972 [Spanish voice of Pedro]
Trinity is STILL My Name - 1972 [Spanish voice of Harry Carey, Jr.]


  1. Also the voice of Jesús Tordesillas in Maury Dexter's EL PROSCRITO DE RÍO COLORADO.

  2. His death coincided, more or less, with that of Antonio Gómez de Vicente, whose voice was heard in numerous Balcázar dubs.

  3. Thanks Nzoog I added the Tordesillas credit under U.S.A. title "Outlaw of Red River". I'll put together a post for de Vicente. Gracias amigo.