Friday, December 3, 2010

Rancho Texas

Rancho Texas - International title

A 2010 German, Spanish co-production [Jeniger Films]
Producer: Justus Pasternak
Director: Justus Pasternak, Pencil Quincy
Story: Raoul Doré
Screenplay: Raoul Doré
Cinematography: Justus Pasternak
Music: Friedrich Paravicini
Running time: 24 minutes

Charles Bronson - Robert Kovacs (Isvan Kovacs)

Charles Bronson. He is alive. He is working hard. And he is ready for the final showdown.
A dusty ranch in the blazing sun. Charles Bronson puts on his Stetson and walks out to feed the horses. Yes, this is definitely the right man in the right place.

But something is wrong here. Where is the enemy?

Is this really the crime-fighting vigilante we all know from Charles Bronson's classical movies?

But this is not Hollywood- this is the shocking reality of RANCHO TEXAS, captured by Pencil Quincy and Justus Pasternak in their straightforward documentary film!

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