Monday, December 20, 2010

Fernand Cowboy

Fernand cow-boy - French title
El conquistador de Texas - Spanish title
Fernand Cowboy - English title

A 1956 French production [Cinephonic, SGGC, SN Pathé Cinema (Paris)]
Producer: François Chavane
Director: Guy Lefranc
Story: Yvan Audouard, Jean Redon
Screenplay: Yvan Audouard, Jean Redon
Cinematography: Maurice Barry [black & white]
Music: Louiguy (Louis Guglielmi)
Running time: 85 minutes

Fernand Mignot - Fernand Raynaud (André Fernand)
Mae Marlane - Dora Doll (Dorothee Feinberg)
Any - Nadine Lhopitalier)
Orissa - Françoise Favier
William/Walter Black - Pierre Dudan
Carson City Sheriff - Noël Roquevert (Noël Bénévent)
Richardson - Jim Gérald (Gérald Cuenod)
Jim Harlan/Mariane - Jess Hahn (Jesse Hahn)
Prudent Beaver - Jean-Roger Caussimon
mayor - Hubert Deschamps
violinist - Marc Taylor
guard - Albert Michel
Jerry/Terry - Bernard Noël
Milk Bar - André Weber
Mario - Raoul Billerey
Tapis Vert - Jean-Marie Amato
baby - Jean Lara (Juan Usnadivaras)
saloon patrons - Jean Franval, Henri Guégan
square dancer - Maurice Magalon
warden - Michel Albert
convict - Felix Miquet
man with fake cigars - Amedee (Philippe de Cherisey)
cowboys - Marcel Bernier, Peter Duncan, Jean Franval, Henri Guégan, Sylvain Levignac, Jean Minisini, Georges Demas, Jo Davray, Jacques Préboist
servant - Paul Faivre
costume merchant - Albert Medina
cowboy with mustache Maurice Gardette
young man - Serge Bento
Maurice Magalon and his square dancers
with: Paul Préboist Pierre Darsay Michel Bonnay, Lucien Guervil, Antonin Baryel, François Nadal

Fernand Mignot, a shy and naive young Frenchman, inherits his uncle’s saloon in America. When he arrives in Carson City, he must confront gold diggers and pretty girls who are very interested in him. He also must restrain himself from the charms of Dora Doll, but lets himself in for trouble by trying to help Annie the saloon’s singer. Fights and chases, punctuate the comedy arbitrated by a stuttering sheriff named Noel Roquevert and a town boss named Walter Black and his henchmen who are in search of a hidden treasure.

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