Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Last Sunset

La vendetta dell’Orbo - Spanish title
The Last Sunset: La Vendetta dell’Orbo - International title

A 2010 U.S.A., Spanish co-production [Skorzo Productions]
Producer: William Wolffe (Guillermo Martinez)
Director: William Wolffe (Guillermo Martinez)
Story: William Wolffe (Guillermo Martinez)
Screenplay: William Wolffe (Guillermo Martinez)
Cinematography: Stefano Cipani [color]
Music: Scot Irvine
Running time: 19 minutes

Sullivan - Chris Moss
Magruder - Sam LaFrance
barman - Isaac Gallego
Brother Jim - Jim Hayes
Brother Mark - Mark George Mooradian
angry Mexican - Jose Cardona
Fuente Florida’s whore - Gwendoline Snyers

The action takes place after the American Civil War where men try to find their place, even through the darkest days. Sullivan and Magruder, Ex-associates and Ex-friends have to cooperate to survive in the desert and the dangers they find there in order to reach the Mexican border town of Fuente Florida to split the Gold of their last job as a team, but their lack of trust will lead them to continuous confrontations, breaking forever that link of the past.

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