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Execution - Italian title

Django prepare ton execution - French title
Django die Bibel is kein Kartenspiel - German title
Prodessionella Desperados - Swedish title
Django, Get Ready to Die - English title
Execution - English title

A 1968 Italian production [Cinematografica Mercedes, Ronbi Internacional Films (Rome)]
Producers: Fernando Franchi, Alexander Hacohen
Director: Domenico Paolello
Story: Domenico Paolello
Screenplay: Domenico Paolello, Fernando Franchi, Giancarlo Zagni
Cinematography: Aldo Scavarda [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Lallo Gori (Coriolano Gori)
Running time: 100 minutes

John Coler/Cooper/Blackie - John Richardson
Bill Coler/Cooper/Django - John Richardson
Clint Clips - Dick Palmer (Domenico Palmara)
Captain Charlie - Franco Giornelli
Burt - Piero Vida (Pietro Vida)
Carol - Rita Klein
Juarez - Néstor Garay (Néstor Garai)
Sancho - Romano Magnino
sergeant - Lucio De Santis
Juana - Dalia (Dalia Bresciani)
Don - Angelo Susani
henchmen - Elio Angelucci, Moises Augusto Rocha
townsman - Veriano Genesi
warden - Riccardo Petrazzi
prison guard - Ettore Arena
with: Ivan Scratuglia

A bounty killer, Clips, has long been on the trail of John Coler, a former bandit on whose head hangs a bounty of $20,000. John is also wanted by the Mexican Juarez and his gang, who want to seize a cargo of gold that the bandit has stolen a few years before from the American army. Bill's younger brother John, falls into the hands of Mexican bandits, and is subjected to torture, and forced to reveal the place where his brother is hiding. Both the Mexican and bounty killer rush to the city where John took refuge and manage to capture him. Bill, who helps John, beats the gang to town and with a trick he defeats the Mexican gang and Clips and then persuades his brother to return the load of stolen gold and to surrender to the law.

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