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Mano rápida - Spanish title
Mi chimavano ‘Requiescat’... ma avevano sbagliato - Italian title
Mulligan - Fast Hand is Still My Name - Danish title
Minä olen nopein, Mulligan - Finnish title
Requiem pour un tueur - French title
Sing mir das Lied der Rache - German title
T'onoma mou einai Keravnos - Greek title
Fasthand - English title
Fast-Hand is Still My Name - English title

A 1973 Spanish, Italian co-production [Aldebaran Films (Madrid), New Films (Rome)]
Producer: John Wyler (Sergio Ciani)
Director: Frank Bronston (Mario Bianchi)
Story: Eduardo M. Brochero (Eduardo Manzanos Brochero)
Screenplay: Sergio Ciani, Vittorio Salerno, Alberto Cardone, Eduardo M. Brochero (Eduardo Manzanos Brochero)
Cinematography: Emilio Foriscot [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Song: “That Man” sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 92 minutes

Captain Jeff Madison/Mulligan - Alan Steel (Sergio Ciani)
Muchedo/Macedo - William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Quincy/Quintano - Francisco Braña (Francisco Pérez)
Diego - Fernando Bilbao
Raul - Gill Roland (Gilberto Galimberti)
Swan - Celine Bessy
Joe Smart - Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Mary Ann Cruz - Karin Well (Wilma Truccolo)
Jack - Lorenzo Robledo
Pracownik - Francesco D’Adda (Francesco Salvaterra)
sheriff - Aldo Cecconi
deputy - Rodolfo Lodi
bank manager - Ettore Ribotta
mayor - Sergio Dolfin
Muchedo/Macedo henchman -Stefano Oppedisano
saloon patron - Duilio Olmi
with: Angelo Boscariol, Filippo Perego, Aldo Sisti

After the the end of the Civil War some of the rebels refuse to surrender: Their leader Machedo picks a fight with Yankee captain Jeff Madison. The Captain was jointly responsible for the hanging of Machedo’s brother. Machedo wants tp destroy our Madison’s military camp and kill the whole garrison. Madison himself is tortured, highlighted by the destruction of his gunhand. A group of Indians save Madison and tend to his wounds. The Captain returns two years later, seeking revenge. To lure Machedo for the final duel, Madison steals the gold from a successful bankrobbery by the bandits and hides himself in a ghost town.

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