Friday, December 10, 2010


Spur des Falken - German title
Brennende Zelte in den schwarzen Bergen - German title
Indianer Massaker - German title
Sled sokola - Russian title
La vendetta del guerrieri rossi - Italian title
Pe urmele soimului - Romanian title
Zlato v Black Hills - Yugoslavian title
Trail of the Falcon - English title
The Falcon’s Trail - English title

A 1967 East German, Russian co-production [DEFA (Potsdam-Babelsberg)]
Producer: Dorothea Hildebrandt
Director: Gottfried Kolditz
Story: Günter Karl
Screenplay: Günter Karl
Cinematography: Otto Hanisch [Orwocolor, Totalvision]
Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse, Wolfgang Meyer
Running time: 121 minutes

Farsighted Falcon - John Mitchell (Gojko Mitic)
Bludgeon - Hannjo Hasse
Catherine - Barbara Brylwood (Barbara Brylska)
Bluehair - Lali Meszchi (Lali Meskhi)
Bashan - Rolf Hoppe
Fletcher - Hartmut Beer
Sam Blake - Helmut Schreiber
Peter Hille - Fred Delmare (Werner Vondran)
Bad Face - Milan Jablonsky
Pat - Holger Mahlich
Emmerson - Fred Ludwig (Alfred Hoffmann)
Chet - Horst Kube
Captain Ronald - Giorgi Tadischwili (Georgi Tadishvili)
Lynx Eyes - Rodam Tschelidse (Rodam Chelidze)
Gray Bear - Laurenti Koshadse (Lavrenti Koshadze)
Cunning Fox - Koba Kobulow (Koba Kobulov)
Jumping Water - Albert Giodadse (Albert Giorgadze)
Sergeant McDryden - Fritz Mohr
Wild Bill Meyers - Paul Brandt
Lisutenant Forsythe - Dietmar Richter-Reinick
Tasunka-witko - Otar Koberidse (Otar Koberidze)
Bluehair’s mother - Dudukhana Tserodze
Crow - Wilfried Roil
Swift Red Deer - Klaus Jürgen Kramer
Dick - Sepp Klose (Josef Klose)
Galsworth - Werner Wieland
settlers - Heinz Laggies (Heinz Laggis), Harlad Moszdorf, Roland Gandt, Martin Piontek
soldiers - Manfred Richter, Axel Dietrich
watchman - Gerd Staiger
Kitty - Dagmar Delmare
miners - Fritz Marquardt, Gert Hänsch, Detlied Heinze, Wilfried Zander (Wladimir Zschwiaraschwili), Winfried Glatzeder, Berko Acker, Michael Gwisdek

In the latter half of the 19th century, gold is discovered in the Black Hills, an area which has already been allocated by treaty to the Dakota Indians as a winter reservation. Nevertheless, gold diggers, profiteers and adventurers flock to the region. Among them is the hard-hearted land speculator Bludgeon, who tries to expel the Indians using brutal methods like slaughtering entire herds of buffalo. The Dakotas take their revenge by attacking a Union Pacific train. While Chief Farsighted Falcon and his men are out hunting, Bludgeon and his gang massacre the Indian village. The Dakota warriors retaliate and soon the gold diggers' town becomes the scene of a large battle. Only the advancing cavalry manage to head off certain defeat for the Whites. Farsighted Falcon defeats Bludgeon in hand-to-hand combat, however. Gathering up the remaining members of his tribe, he leads them to safety in a place far away from the Whites.

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