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Pochi dollari per Django - Italian title
Alambradas de violencia - Spanish title
Django no perdona - Argentinian title
Poucos dolares para Django - Brazilian title
Django vestens skrappeste mand - Danish title
Een paar dollars voor Django - Dutch title
Sankari Montanasta - Finnish title
Quelques dollars pour Django - French title
Bravo Django - French title
Django kennt kein Erbarmen - German title
Django: T'onoma mou einai 'Thanatos' - Greek title
Trypia dolaria sto Far West - Greek title
Poucos Dólares por Django - Portuguese title
Nagra fa dollar for Django - Swedish title
Some Dollars for Django - English title
Django a Bullet for You - U.S.A. title
A Few Dollars for Gypsy - U.S.S. TV title
A Few Dollars for Django - English title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [Marco Film (Rome), R.M. Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Marino Girolami
Director: León Klimovsky (León Dulfano), Enzo G. Castellari (Enzo Girolami)
Story: Manuel Sebares, Tito Carpi (Fiorenzo Carpi)
Screenplay: Manuel Sebares, Tito Carpi (Fiorenzo Carpi)
Cinematography: Aldo Penelli [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: “There Will Come a Morning” sung by Don Powell
Running time: 89 minutes

Regan/Django - Antony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Sally Norton - Gloria Demme (Gloria Osuna)
Jim Norton - Frank Wolff
Trevor Norton - Frank Wolff
Sam Lister - Thomas Moore (Enio Girolami)
Amos Brandsbury/Brownsberg - Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso González)
Buck Dago - José Luis Lluch
Barkley - Alfonso de la Vega
Graham - Joe Kamel (Giuseppe Frisaldi)
Mayor Fisher - Tomás Zalde (José Zalde)
Smitty - Ángel Ter
farmer - Enzo Castellari (Enzo Girolami)
judge - Sandalio Hernández
Freeman - Joaquin Parra
with: Félix Fernández (Félix Garcia), Gonzalo Esquiroz

Regan/Django, a bounty hunter is hired by the bank to recover loot stolen by the notorious Jim Norton and his gang of bandits. Without much trouble he manages to track down, kill most of the criminals and return the filthy lucre to it's rightful owners. The only slight problem is that he is unable to capture Jim Norton - who has apparently been murdered in a gunfight elsewhere. Not entirely persuaded by this story, he decides to journey to Montana , where the villain's 'twin brother' Trevor happens to live.

Montana , however, is in the grip of an escalating range war between the farmers, who want to erect barbed wire fences around their land, and the ranchers, who want the right for their cattle to roam freely. Matters are especially tense in Miles City , the town where Regan ends up - mistaken as the new sheriff (and equipped with essential diminutive, alcoholic, cackling deputy).

His workload immediately become burdensome. The ranchers are led by a particularly unappealing individual called Bransbury, whose credentials are cemented by the way in which he regularly twists the ends of his moustache in a caddish fashion. The farmers, suffering from his unpleasant habit of burning down their property, have formed a resistance group, led by. Trevor Norton. Trevor, despite appearances, believes in peace and seems to be an essentially good man; only willing to fight when pushed into having no options. He also has a pretty niece, Sally, to whom Regan soon takes a shine.

Adding to the already complicated story is the fact that Bransbury has also hired a couple of killers, Buck Dago and Sam, who were coincidentally members of the original Norton gang. They realize the new identity of their old boss and are determined to find out what exactly has happened to the money that they helped steal. - Matt Blake

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  1. Joe Kamel ist NOT Canalejas, but actor Joe Kamel.

  2. This is the only Spaghetti Western film in which legendary American actor Frank Wolff plays twin brothers. That's amazing!