Sunday, December 26, 2010


Quindici forche per un assassino - Italian title
Quince horcas para un assesino - Spanish title
15 potences pour un salopard - French title
Die schnutzigen Dreizehn - German title
Dirty Busters - German title
Dekapente aghones gia ena dolofono - Greek title
Dirty Fifteen - English title
15 Scaffolds for a Murderer - English title
15 Scaffolds for a Killer - English title

A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [Eos Film (Rome), Centauro Film (Madrid)]
Producer: Luis Vasquez
Director: Nunzio Malasomma
Story: Mario di Nardo
Screenplay: Mario de Nardo, J. Luis Bayonas (José Luis de las Bayonas)
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor, Chromoscope]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Will You be Mine” sung by Raoul (Ettore Lovechio)
Running time: 95 minutes

Billy Mack - Craig Hill (Craig Fowler)
Barbara Ferguson - Susy Andersen (Maria Golgi)
Sandy Woods - George Martin (Francisco Celeiro)
Woods henchman - Álvaro de Luna (Álvaro Blanco)
widow Cook - Margherita Lozano (Margarita Jimenez)
Liz Cook - Eleanor Brown (Eleonora Brown)
Pastor Andrew Ferguson - Antonio Casas (Antonio Barros)
Benny - J. Manuel Martin (José Pérez)
Manuel - Tomás Blanco (Tomás Garcia)
Juan - Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Adam - Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez)
Bud Lee - Aldo Sambrell (Alfred Brell)
hangman - José Terrón (José Peñaranda)
with: Andrea Bosic (Ignazio Bo ic), Ivan G. Scratuglia (Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia), Umy Raho (Umberto Raho), L. Durán (Luis Durán), María Montez, Laura Redi (Laura Reder), Howard Ross (Renato Rossini), Aldo Berti, Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)

Unjustly accused of murdering three women, members of two rival gangs, led by Billy Mack and Cassel, put aside the hatred that divides them and come together to escape a merciless manhunt triggered by Steve Mack, boyfriend of one of the victims, who, with the help of his friend Sandy Woods has raised against them all the men of the town. Without clearing themselves of the strong accusations brought against them and determined not to end up on the gallows for a crime they did not commit, men of both bands are able to save themselves by taking refuge in an abandoned fort, that is surrounded by henchmen of Sandy and Steve . Meanwhile, Steve's girlfriend goes to the farm hoping to find clues that would clear the hunted men. In fact evidence is found that the murderess of the three women is Sandy. When Sandy enters the fort where only Bill and Cassel are the only survivors. They face off in a duel but a cry of alarm by Cassel alerts Bill who shoots and kills Sandy.

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  1. Bravo amigo
    Grande Post
    Este filme tornou-se um dos mais cultuados no Brasil assim como Johnny Oro e A Grande Noite de Ringo com William Berger. É estranho como esses filmes caem no gosto popuar.

  2. Thanks amigo Sanchez. I agree certain films just clicked in certain countries and people to become big hits and cult classics. Johnny Oro is big hero but not Ringo's Big Night. Happy New Year and continued success with your blog.

  3. I saw that film about a year ago on YouTube and it was great. But I wanna correct you on something. There is no character named Sandy Woods. George Martin doesn't play Sandy Woods. He plays Cassel or Castle. And Castle didn't die in the movie. Even though I wanted him to. He later patched things up with Billy Mack and they got the horses back into town. Just thought I'd let you know that.