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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians ~ Gino


Born Georgino Cudsi he was born and raised in a remote Sudan village in 1943, his mother was Greek and his father Syrian. His family were traders of Greek origin, Gino Cudsi preferred a career as that of a singer, songwriter rather than a merchant. Starting his career in Greece, where he achieved some successes, he produced his own records and travelled all over Europe including the U.K., Italy, Spain, and Germany. He was sufficient enough to convince Ricordi Records to publish his singles, also in some cases covering other singers’ hits, and in other cases his original work. He adopted the stage name "Gino". Ricordi did not fail to promote him with press information and having him also included in the cast of “Canzonissima” 1966, with the song "Io non ti amo più". He had excellent Italian pronunciation but poor results on the commercial side. Gino was entered as a contestant at Sanremo Song Festival in 1966 singing "Dipendesse Da Me".

Gino sang the main title theme song for the 1966 Spaghetti western “The Hills Run Red” starring Thomas Hunter, Henry Silva, Nicoletta Machiavelli and Dan Duryea

Georgino ‘Gino’ Cudsi died on September 22, 1992. He was only 49 years old.

GINO (aka Gino Cudsi) (Georgino Cudsi) [1943, Soudan – 9/22/1992] – singer.

The Hills Run Red – 1966 [sings: “Home to My Love”]

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  1. The singer, Gino, was born on April 30, 1943, in Sudan and died on September 22, 1992, in Rome, Italy. He was 49. He sings the song, "Home To My Love" from the 1966 Spaghetti Western, "The Hills Run Red" with Thomas Hunter, Henry Silva, and Dan Duryea.