Wednesday, June 28, 2023

RIP Paul de Senneville


Paul de Senneville died in France on June 23, 2023. He was born in Paris on July 30 1933, and began his career as a journalist and correspondent for the French newspaper France Soir. He later became the producer of a television program. The biggest passion of his life was music. After writing his first song in 1962, he wrote music for songs for many movies produced by French companies such as Galaxie Universe and Daber Film. In 1976, Paul and Olivier Toussaint built their own record company, Delphine Deschodt, named after Paul's first daughter. Delphine Productions is a leading exporter of French music and is the only specialist in instrumental music. Paul also had a love of horses and found a breeding farm called Mauzan. de Senneville worked on three Euro-westerns as screenwriter on the 1964 French TV series “The Indians” and as a composer on 1974’s “Convoy of Women” and “Lucky Lucky and the Daltons”.

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