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European Western Comics - L'Angelo con la Pistola


L'Angelo con la Pistola

(Angel With a Pistol)

This is a five issue comic book series which in reality where each issue contain both copies of Sylvie the Angel With a Pistol and Loana, the Venus of the Caribbean. So there are five numbers with ten different extensions. The covers were drawn by Franco Picchionni (P. Franco) and are equally divided: two with a western themes (#1 and #3) and two exotics (#2 and #4). The series was published in 1971 with issue one appearing in November and ending with #5 in April of 1972. They were published in Rome, Italy by LSE under the direction of Giuseppe Area. Each issue contained 128 black and white pages with color covers.


01 (00.11.71) - “L’angelo con la pistola” (The Angel With a Pistol)

02 (00.12.71) - “La vendetta di Sylvie” (Sylvie’s Revenge)

03 (00.02.72) - “Il gatto a nove code” (The Cat O’Nine Tails)

04 (00.03.72) - “Il leone maculato” (The Spotted Lion)

05 (00.04.72) - ?

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