Tuesday, June 13, 2023

“Any Gun Can Play’ [archived newspaper article]


‘Any Gun Can Play’ Western From Italy

Daily News

By Wanda Hale

September 14, 1968

     Here we go again! Another Italian-made Western, it is directed by Enzo G. Castellari, spoken in English, starring two Americans, Edd Byrnes (Kookie), George Hilton and Gilbert Roland, the old veteran from Mexico who has been a Hollywood star since I can remember.

     At the New Forumn Theater, it’s called “Any Gun Can Play.” The advantages it has over that big bore, “The Stranger Returns,” is that the scenery, Italy and Spain, is really beautiful as that of our West; there is less gore and we are wise to the fact that they’re putting us on.

     THERE ARE no good guys in the picture, they are all bad, trying to beat each other to a hidden cache of a half million in gold dollars. Left to fight it out are the brawler, Byrnes; the bandito, Roland, and, here we go again, the stranger, Hilton. The Bad guys don’t lose, they win.

     I could laugh at the overacting, the cliches, but the skullduggery for 30 minutes, but not for one hour and 43 minutes.


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  1. I've actually seen this film and it's great. I hope they remake it.