Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Alexander Davion


Alexander Avion was born in Paris on March 31, 1929. French-born British actor. He was perhaps best known in the U.K. for his starring role in ‘Gideon's Way’ as Detective Chief Inspector David Keen. Davion appeared in some 70+ films and television series between 1951 and 1989. He was also a stage and voice actor. He was the voice of Captain Greg Martin in the 1966 film “Thunderbirds Are Go”

Alexander was married first to actress Ellen Caryl Klein in the 1950s and was the father of Professor Victoria Michele Davion [1960-2017]. He then married actress Anne Lawson [1940-    ] in 1965 and they had one child named Nicholas Davion in 1966.

Davion appeared in one Euro-western playing Tony in “Charley-One-Eye” (1973) starring Richard Roundtree and Roy Thinnes.

Alexander Davion died in London, England on September 28, 2019, at the age of 90.

DAVION, Alexander (aka Alex Davion, Alex Davlon) [3/31/1929, Paris, Île-de-France, France– 9/28/2019, Norfolk, England, U.K.] – theater, film, TV, voice actor, married to actress Ellen Caryl Klein (195?-196?) father of professor Victoria Michele Davion [1960-2017], married to actress Anne Lawson [1940-    ] (1965-19??) father of Nicholas Davion [1966-    ].

Charley- One Eye – 1973 (Tony)

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  1. If Alexander Davion was born in 1929 and died in 2019, he would have been 90. Interesting fact there.