Monday, June 5, 2023

European Western Comic Books – Alvar Mayor


Alvar Mayor

Reprint, in large format volumes, of a classic of Argentine comic book series, written by Carlos Trillo and drawings by Enrique Breccia. The seven volumes in black and white collect the entire saga already seen in Italy on Skorpio (Eura Editoriale) and, recolored, in the volumes of the Euracomix series (Eura Editoriale), plus an unpublished episode.

The comic book was published by Andamar in 2005 and consisted of 7 issues with 104-120 black and white pages with color covers. Issue one was released in November of 2005 and the last issue #7 was released in 2009



01 (00.11.05) - "La Leggenda di Eldorado" (The Legend of Eldorado)

02 (00.00.00) - "La città d'oro della Patagonia" (The Golden City of Patagonia)

03 (00.00.00) - "Il vento della disgrazia" (The Wind of Misfortune)

04 (00.00.00) - "Il tesoro di Yatzil Itza" (The Treasure of Yatzil Itza)

05 (00.00.00) - "Le tre morti di Alvar Mayor" (The Three Deaths of Alvar Mayor)

06 (00.00.00) - "L'avventura dei pazzi" (The Adventure of the Fools)

07 (00.00.09) - "L'oro del Perù" (Gold of Peru)

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