Thursday, June 15, 2023

New Spaghetti western album release “I Western 1963-1977”


“I Western 1963-1977”

Composer Kitosch Keller


Tracks: 18

Available: June 11, 2023

Earlier this year I challenged myself if I could record an album of at least 40 minutes of music that reflects most of the different periods and sub-genres of the Spaghetti Western genre. My goal was to recreate the gradual, and sometimes radical, shifts in style and sound over the course of this decade and a half.

The result, "I Western", are 18 tracks, chronologically covering the Spaghetti Western cycle from rather silly ditties pre-Morricone in 1963 (so don’t give up just yet after the first two tracks, dear hardcore Spaghetti Heads!), to classic trumpets and electric guitar themes (aaahaa….!), to weird movie genre crossovers - the Far West and Egypt (Peplum) in my case – to the Mexcian Revolution, to slightly jazzy influences, to laid-back easy listening stuff, to comedy, all the way through to the folk and prog rock influenced tail end of the genre, the so-called Twilight Westerns of 1976/1977. From classic orchestral and folkloristic instruments to distorted guitar, punchy drums, and synths.

You can listen to the album on almost every streaming service with the link below. If you don’t subscribe to any service, there are some that only require a free account. Or, if all else fails, you should be able to listen to the full album, with the occasional ad between tracks, on YouTube Music.

I hope some of you can get a kick out of some of the tracks. If so, let me know, and tell me what’s your favorite track. – Kitosch Keller

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