Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Vincenzo Crocitti


Vincenzo Crocitti was born in Rome. Italy on July 16, 1949. He found success as an actor in many Italian comedy films, then in the nineties he moved on to television series such as ‘Un medico in famiglia’ in which for several seasons he played the doctor Mariano, and in the fictional ‘Carabinieri’, on Mediaset, in which he was the brigadier deputy Bordi. He also appeared in other films and TV series such as ‘Il vigile urbano’, ‘Anni 60’, in some episodes of ‘Don Matteo’ and ‘I Cesaroni’ and later he was part of the cast of ‘La vita e un cosa bellissima’ by Carlo Vanzina and ‘Una sconfinata giovinezza’ by Pupi Avati.

He was charismatic and likeable, with his very pronounced nose and a smile always on his face, he’s probably best remembered above all for his role, when he was very young, as the son of Alberto Sordi in the film “Un Borghese piccolo piccolo”.

CROCITTI, Vincenzo [7/16/1949, Rome, Lazio, Italy - 9/29/2010, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – theater, film, TV actor.

Roy Colt and Winchester Jack - 1970 (deaf waiter)


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