Friday, March 4, 2022

Spaghetti Western Trivia Tuco almost poisoned during “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.


When Eli Wallach’s character Tuco unearths the gold hidden in the cemetery, the crew applied acid to one of the bags of gold, so that when Wallach hit it with his shovel it was guaranteed to split open on cue. What the crew didn’t explain to the actor however, was that they were keeping the acid in a bottle that once held a brand of lemon soda that Wallach enjoyed. Wallach saw the bottle and took a sip, thinking it was his favorite drink. Luckily, he realized his mistake before it was too late. Avoiding a truly horrendous and tragic accident.


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  1. Sergio Leone-"And action!" Eli Wallach-"Hey Blondie, you know what you are? Just a crazy son of a- Sergio Leone-"Cut, magnifico". Eli Wallach-"I'm thirsty. I need a drink." *picks up bottle and sips* Eli Wallach-"Hey! This isn't Sprite! Sergio, you son of a bitch!" *Sergio Leone laughing* *Clint Eastwood laughing* Eli Wallach-"That's it, I quit!" LOL