Monday, March 14, 2022

European Western Comic Books ~ Bill-Uragano Indiani

 Bill-Uragano Indiani

Thick strip volumes with the adventures of Bill Uragano and the reissue of Jimmy Turbine, the Ace of All Sports written by Melfi and Enver (Enwer) Bongrani. Covers were by Sergio Tarquinio. It is the continuation of the Tim Tiller Series (Atlas, 1958). It was published in Cremona with images drawn by Nestore Corti., Italy by BON under the direction of Enwer Bongrani. Each issue consisted of 144 black and white pages with color covers. Issue #1 was published in September 1959 and ended with issue #6 in February 1960.


01 (00.09.59) - "Il pazzo della valle verde" (The Madman of Green Valley)
02 (00.10.59) - “Il rodeo della morte” (The Rodeo of Death)
03 (00.11.59) - "La freccia d'oro" (The Golden Arrow)
04 (00.12.59) - “La foresta della paura” (The Forest of Fear)
05 (00.01.60) - “La morte bianca” (The White Death)
06 (00.02.60) - ?

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