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European Western Comic Books ~ Billy London – Lo Sceriffo Senza Pistola








Billy London - The Sheriff Without a Pistol

This epic comic book series was published in 1960 with issue #1 released on January 8, 1960 and ending with #12 on June 25, 1962. It consisted of three years of titles and was published in Rome, Italy by GFB Publishing under the direction of Fedora Bellis Court. Each issue contained 16 black and white pages with color covers.

Year I: Augusto Pedrazza's western Billy London and the costumed stories The Adventures of Polignac by Domenico Mirabella and The Adventures of Matteo Trevisan by A. Lombardi and S. Stizza. Year II and III: sees the publication of  Jim Lasso, The Sheriff Without a Pistol, a western by Carlo Cedroni, and The Black Knight or Knight of the Chimera, an epic series by Lamberto Lombardi. Year IV of covers Indian figures designed by Guido Buzzelli. Reported, but not found, #9 of 1961.


Year I
01 (01.08.60) - “Al galoppo verso la morte” (Galloping Towards Death)
02 (15.08.60) - “Al galoppo verso la morte” II episodio (Galloping Towards Death II)
03 (01.09.60) - “Prigionieri degli Apaches” (Prisoners of the Apaches)
04 (15.09.60) - "Billy London impara a sparare" (Billy London Learns to Shoot)

Year II
01 (10.08.61) - "Il pugnale cinese" (The Chinese Dagger)
02 (25.08.61) - “Assalto al campo indiano” (Assault on the Indian Camp)
03 (10.09.61) -
04 (25.09.61) - “Le vacanze dello sceriffo” (Sheriff’s Holidays)
05 (25.10.61) - “L’infallibile Lazo” (The Infallible Lasso)
06 (10.11.61) - “Fuga in mare” (Flight into the Sea)
07 (25.11.61) - “Corsa verso l’oro” (Rush to Gold)
08 (10.12.61) - “Regina bianca” (WhiteQueen)

Year III
01 (10.01.62) - “Il ragazzo dallo scoiattolo” (The Boy With the Squirrel)
02 (25.01.62) - “Il ragazzo dallo scoiattolo” II episodio (The Boy With the Squirrel II)
03 (10.02.62) - “Un giovane amico” (A Young Friend)
04 (25.02.62) - “Un giovane amico” II episodio (A Young Friend II)
05 (10.03.62) - “Freccia Rossa” (Red Arrow)
06 (25.03.62) - “Freccia Rossa” II episodio (Red Arrow II)
07 (10.04.62) - “Fiamme nella notte” (Flames in the Night)
08 (25.04.62) - “Fiamme nella notte” II episodio (Flames in the Night II)
09 (10.05.62) - “Il figlio degli Apaches” (The Son of the Apaches)
10 (25.05.62) - “Il figlio degli Apaches” II episodio (The Son of the Apaches II)
11 (10.06.62) - “Il figlio degli Apaches” III episodio (The Son of the Apaches III)
12 (25.06.62) - “Il figlio degli Apaches” IV episodio (The Son of the Apaches IV)

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