Sunday, December 12, 2021

Who Are Those Musicians & Singers ~Severino Álvarez.


Severiano Álvarez, was born in 1918. His biography is often confused with the Spanish author of the same name. Our man was a singer, songwriter, conductor and actor. I can find no place of birth so I don’t know if he was born in France or migrated there from Spain or some other Spanish speaking country. During his career he performed with the orchestras of Pierre Allier, Michel Ramos Orchestra Franck Pourcel, Yvette Horner and son. Maya Casablanca, and Michel Legrand. He recorded “Poderoso senor” which was composed by Andre Hossein and released on the Radio Rhythm Ricordi label. Álvarez died in 2006.

ALVAREZ, Severiano [1918 - 2006]– actor, singer, songwriter, conductor..

The Taste of Violence – 1960 [sings: “Poderoso senor”]

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