Monday, December 27, 2021

European Western Comic Books – Bang


38 issues of this comic book were released in 1959-1960. Each book contained several comic stories, partly written by Omero Martinelli (who is also editor-in-chief) and designed by Massimo Liorni (Managing Director and author of the covers), A. Ruffini, Cizerza, Gimmy, Ser., Baldoli, Cervera and F. Drain. Salvatore Marino, owner of Tipolitografia Adriana, resumes his publishing activity both with comic periodicals  Carioca, Piccol Boy and other genres: "Il Mancino" (humor), "I Gialli Blu", "I Gialli della Gatta" ( novels), "Superenigmistica" (games). The first issue was released on May 30, 1959 and ended on December 1960. Each issue contained 96 black & white pages with color covers.

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