Sunday, December 26, 2021

New Hungarian book release Verhetetlen Paros.








Verhetetlen Paros

(Unbeatable Duo)

Author: Levente Király


Country: Hungary

Publisher: Macro-Media Bt.

Language: Hungarian

Pages: 204

ISBN: 9786150117928

Available now

Six decades ago, the historic film career of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill began with the Hannibal Historical Film. On this special occasion, 60 contemporaries, including actors, directors, co-directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, stuntmen, acrobats, visual and costume designers, composers, assistants and the actor’s doubles, will share their personal experiences. From the special stories, we can learn, among other things, why director Sergio Corbucci called Bud Spencer a racehorse who shaped himself for filming with cream bombs and lifting hundreds of pounds of men.

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