Friday, December 24, 2021

New Spanish western release “Three Shots”.


Three Shots – International title


A 2021 Spanish short film production [Quick Release Cinema (Madrid)]

Producers: David Rodríguez, Noelia March

Director: David Rodríguez

Story: Leonardo Giménez

Screenplay: David Rodríguez, Noelia March, Leonard Giminez

Cinematography: David Rodríguez [color]

Music: David Rodriguez

Running time: 16 minutes



Wayne Thompson - Leonardo Giménez

Holly ‘Moneytaker’ Swanson - Noelia March

Archie Fox - Jordi Galimany

Scott McDonald - David Rodríguez

Bounty hunter - Diego García

Bank client - Terry Bordiú

Bank manager - Miguel Morales

Indian – Armin Lautz

Squaw – Isabel Rebolledo

Camp lady – Carol Sievwright

Trapper – David Hubbard

Saloon girls - María Casas, Mari Montes

Dirty old man - John Casidi

Undertaker – Carlos Juan

Grocery clerk - Diego Pérez


Story: Wayne Thompson is down on his luck and heavily in debt. He steals some hides and pelts to keep his family warm but is caught by a bounty hunter and turned over to sheriff Scott McDonald. In prison Thompson meets Archie, a wacky thief, but everything changes when Holly, Wayne's wife, shows up at the office.


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