Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Who Are Those Guys? Gianluigi Cresenzi.


Gianluigi Cresenzi was an Italian supporting and character actor. Sometimes billed as Gian Luigi Cresenzi he appeared in some fifteen films from 1964 to 1967. Six of those were westerns. I can find very little about him on the Internet other than a listing of films he appeared in.

CRESENZI, Gianluigi (aka Louis Creinz, G.L. Crescenzi, Gian Luigi Crescenzi, Gian Luigi Cresscenzi, Luigi Cresenzi) [Italian] – film actor.

Death Walks in Laredo – 1966 (man) [as Luigi Cresenzi]

$4.00 of Revenge – 1966 [Luigi Cresenzi]

The Hills Run Red – 1966 (Carson) [Luigi Cresenzi]

Johnny Colt – 1966 [as Luigi Cresenzi]

The Dirty Outlaws - 1967 [as G. Luigi Crescenzi]

Last of the Badmen - 1967

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