Wednesday, December 22, 2021

New Short Film Release “My Town, My Rules, Our Money”.

 My Town, My Roles Our Money – English title


A 2021 French, Spanish film production [Studio Chapipe Productions

     (Paris), Alamanzora, Chili Shp 2 (Madrid)]

Producer: Pierre Drumont

Director: Martin Michiels

Story: Martin Michiels

Screenplay: Martin Michiels

Cinematography: [color]

Music: Eternity, Didier Methivier, Daddy Redneck

     Song: “Phobia” sung by Elysium Audio Labs

Running time: 17 minutes



Ruby - Ine Koster

Sheriff Yates - Ken Yates

Joey - Didier Methivier

Ace - Pal Braekken

Colt – Antonio Jesus Rodrigues Parra

Deputy Davids – Luis Clint

Mayor Parker – David Hubbard

Jake – Juan Angel Acebal Granada

Randy – Jose Corral Martinez

Wyatt - Antonio Jose Lopez Exposito

James - Cristobal Lopez Exposito

Warren - Daniel Jose Ibarra

Porter - Jean Marc

Bill – Andrew Hogben

Rose – Vickie Miles

Mary Yates Jean Yates

Ann - Siren Braekken

Lizz – Rosario Sabil

Martha – Carol Sievwright

Story: Sheriff Yates gives his life defending the citizens and the local bank from a band of outlaws lead by the notorious Ruby.


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