Friday, December 17, 2021

50th Anniversary of the premier of “Raise Your Hands Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest”.

 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Raise Your Hands Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest”. Directed by León Klimovsky, Sergio Bergonzelli and starring Peter Lee Lawrence, Espartaco Santoni and Helga Line. The film tells the story of a Texas Ranger ‘The Sando Kid’, disguised as a perfume salesman, is sent to clean up the town of Springfield, where the town boss Grayson a former Northern Army Captain is forcing ranchers to sell their land cheap so he can buy it and sell it to the approaching railroad. The Ranger eliminates Grayson and his gang of thugs and ends up marrying Eleanor, the daughter of one of the ranchers.



Un dólar para Sartana – Spanish title

Manos arriba, cadaver, estas detenido – Spanish title

Su le mani, cadaver! Sei in arrest – Italian title

Haenderne op doed mand! – Danish title

Sta of il schiet – Dutch title

Ça va chauffer, Sartana revient! – French title

Sando Kid spricht das letzte Halleluia – German title

Kitt, o vingador – Portuguese title

Raise Your Hands Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest – English title


A 1971 Spanish, Italian film co-production [Dauro Films (Madrid)]

Producer: Espartaco Santoni

Director: León Klimovsky, Sergio Bergonzelli

Story: Jose Maria Elorrieta, Enrico Zuccarini

Screenplay: Jose Maria Elorrieta, José Luis Navarro, Enrico Zuccarini

Cinematography: Tonino Maccoppi (Antonio Maccoppi) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]

Music: Alessandro Alessandroni

     Song: “Free as a Bird” sung by I Cantori Moderni

Running time: 94 minutes


Sando Kid/Kid Johnson – Peter Lee Lawrence (Karl Hirenbach)

Mancino/Dollar – Espartaco Santoni

Maybelle/Mabel – Helga Liné (Helga Stern)

Padre ‘Bamba’ Brown – Franco Agostini

Lee Grayson – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)

Mrs. Elizabeth Carson – Aurora de Alba

Arthur Carson – Tomás Blanco (Tomás Garcia)

Spiro/Angel – José Canalejas

Ballor – Lorenzo Robledo

Ben Burton – Joaquin Parra

J. Mac/The Scared – Luis Barboo

Ranger Captain – Alfonso de la Vega

Lolito – Gonzalo Esquiroz

False priest gunman – Bruno Ukmar

Gunman – Giancarlo Ukmar

Dora/Leonor Carson – Mary Zan (Maria Zanandrea)

Grayson henchman – Simón Arriaga

Sheriff – Antonio Cintado

Porter - Rafael Corés

Sando Kid’s employer - Leon Klimovsky (Leon Dulfano)

Grayson henchman – Enrique Santiago

Saloon patron – Francisco Camoiras

With: Giovanni Santoponte, Rafael de la Rosa, Jorge Tejela, Ramón Fernández Tejela (Jorge Tejela)


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