Thursday, September 20, 2018


Ennio Morricone, almost 90 years of age has many reflections
The teacher says goodbye to the cinema with one exception for Tornatore

Ennio Morricone, born in 1928, played jazz in night clubs as a boy. Today, which is about to turn 90, he is preparing to direct three of his pieces with the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia, in Rome. On that occasion, on stage, he will alternate with Carlo Rizzari and Nicola Piovani. Morricone will continue to direct because he says "I do not mind being on the podium two hours", but he withdraws from the cinematographic scenes because writing soundtracks is very tiring. "At the cinema, music must be fine for me and for the public, there are many responsibilities and prejudices", explains the musician. The only exception that Morricone will make is for Giuseppe Tornatore, who defines "a son and a father". To those who tend to associate him with Sergio Leone, he always replies "being identified for the seven films I have made for him, or more generally for my 30 westerns, seems ridiculous given that I composed over 500" of soundtracks.

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