Wednesday, September 26, 2018

50th Anniversary of Ciccio Forgives, I Don't

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Italian Euro-western “Ciccio Forgives, I Don’t”. It premiered in Italian theaters on September 26, 1968. The film is a comic take-off of “God Forgives... I' Don't”, which starred Terence Hill and Budn Spencer. Two small time horse thieves steal a golden chariot which was built by the bandit El Diablo from gold stolen from the U.S. Army. Pretending to be dead to throw the thieves off, two of his henchmen Angel Face and Lightning are convinced El Diablo has deposited the gold in a bank. They force Franco and Ciccio to help them rob the bank but find the safe empty. The two horse thieves are accused of hiding the gold and when El Diablo turns up alive our heroes are forced to face all three of the outlaws. Just in time the soldiers arrive and arrest El Diablo while Angel Face and Lightning escape. The gold is returned and Franco and Ciccio receive the rewards for the wanted outlaws.                                                                                                                           

Ciccio perdona…io no! – Italian title
O Ciccio syghorei, ego ohi – Greek title
Ciccio Forgives…I Don’t! – English title

A1968 Italian film production [West Film (Rome)]
Producer: Italo Zingarelli
Director: Frank Reed (Marcello Ciorciolini)
Story: Marcello Ciorciolini, Amedeo Sollazzo
Screenplay: Marcello Ciorciolini, Amedeo Sollazzo
Cinematography: Sandro D’Eva (Alessandro D’Eva) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Robert Pregadio
     Song: “Franco Forgives…I Don’t” sung by Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia
Running time: 100 minutes

Franco - Franco Franchi (Francesco Benenato)
Ciccio - Ciccio Ingrassia (Francesco Ingrassia)
Black Jack - Adriano Micantoni
Doc – Mario Maranzana
Angel Face – Renato Baldini
Colonel – Gianni Solaro (Gianni Lorenzon)
Captain – Leo Gavero (Galileo Mugavero)
Sergeant – Saverio Lagana
El Diablo/El Pantera - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Baleno/Lightning – Bruno Ukmar
Shotgun rider – Sergio Ukmar
Mourner in dress – Giancarlo Ukmar
Gatling gun mourner – Clemente Ukmar
Bearded mourner - Bruno Arié
Hearse driver – Antonio Danesi
Calamity Jane - Gia Sandri
Betty Jane - Rosella Bergamonti
Sheriff - Giuseppe Castellano
Bartender - Luca Sportelli
Saloon patron – Luciano Bonnani
Stagecoach driver - Enzo Monteduro (Vincenzo Monteduro)
Saloon girl - Lina Franchi
Banjo player - Fortunato Cecilia
Brawler – Giovanni Ukmar
Peon – Mario Del Vago
Soldier - Maurizio Mannois

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