Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Winnetoons: ein greenhorn im Wilden Westen

Winnetoons: ein greenhorn im Wilden Westen – German title

A 1999 German television production
Producer: Jens Meyer 
Director: Gert Ludewig
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Lee Maddux, Jeffrey Scott
Animation: [color]
Music: Adrian Askew
Running time: 75 minutes

Winnetou, Old Schatterhand, Sam Hawkens, Charly, Santer, Nscho-Tschi

Story: A young railway surveyor named Charly leaves St. Louis, for the unexplored Wild West.  His first encounter is with a ruthless and annoying fellow called Santer, a timberman. As a giant grizzly bear attacks an Indian named Nscho-Tschi, Charly grudgingly saves the until now unknown sister of Winnetous risking his own life. Despite this courageous deed, he falls into the captivity of the Apache tribe and thus into the hands of Chief Winnetou. At this very moment, the settlers attack the Apache village. Santer and the chieftain, Mattho-Sih, who were friendly to him, are just as arrogant as he is, and they do his bidding on the other Indian tribes.

The film is based on episode 1-3 of the TV series WinneToons and shown on German TV March 30, 2002 the 90th anniversary of author Karl May’s death.

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