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Who Are Those Guy? Armando Calvo

Armando Pascual Calvo Lespier was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in December 25, 1919. Known to filmgoers as Armando Calvo he was the son of Spanish actor Juan Calvo Domenech [1892-1962] and a Puerto Rican mother, Minerva Lespier and the brother of actor Manuel Calvo [1927-1987].

After his birth and due to the work of his father, they decided to settle in Spain, where Armando quickly assimilated. Since childhood he showed a great interest in the theater where, at only 5 years of age, he made his stage debut in the work “Barro Sin”. He continued to work in the theater and in the late 1930s he received small roles in films, which were co-productions between Spain and Italy.

The role that would make him known was the role of Fabián Conde in “El escándalo” (“Scandal”) in 1943 directed by Jose Luis Sáenz de Heredia. Thanks to the role, Armando achieved great popularity in Spain , making it easier to be cast in more important roles. In 1945 he was in “Los últimos de Filipinas” (“The Last of the Philippines”) sharing credits with Fernando Rey, which received great reviews by film critics.

Armando appeared in “Doña Francisquita” (1952) in Spain and the Mexican producer Gregorio Wallerstein hired him to be companion of the Mexican feminine star of the time, the beautiful Maria Félix, in the 1946 film, “La mujer de todos”. The film became a success despite the continuous disputes between the two actors where filming became a big problem. From there Armando decided to settle in Mexico, leaving aside his triumphs in Spain. There Armando continued with other projects and participated in “Bel Ami” in 1947 with actress Gloria Marín, who it is said he was very much in love with, which co-starred Andrea Palma, Emilia Guiu.

In 1948 Armando appeared in “Ángel o demonio” with Maria Antonieta Pons, that same year he was also “La casa del la Troya” (“College Boarding House”) with Carmen Molina and Rosario Granados. A year later he was considered for “La vorágine”. Other films were “Acapulco” (1952), “Las infieles” (1953), “Romance de Fieras” (1954), a film where he met Martha Roth with whom he initiated a stormy romance.

He spent a long time in Mexico and after almost ten years returned to Spain to work in “El último Cuple” in 1957, with actress Sarita Montiel. From that moment on Armando began to work in Spain, Mexico and Italy.

Armando married for the first time to a young Italian/Swiss named Maria Teresa Frigos Mosca in 1958, with her he traveled again to Mexico, but the relationship lasted a short time and then they decided to divorce. In Spain he would meet Ursula, a German woman with whom he married and they had 9 children.

Armando continued working as an actor and traveled to Spain and Italy constantly, while his wife stayed in Madrid taking care of his children. In more recent years Armando spent his time writing and painting at his home, suffering from pulmonary emphysema and kidney problems.

Due to heart failure he died on July 6, 1996 in Mexico City, he was 76 years old.

CALVO, Armando (Armando Pascual Calvo Lespier) [12/25/1919, San Juan, Puerto Rico – 7/6/1996, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico (heart failure)] – theater, film, TV actor, son of actor Juan Calvo [1892-1962], brother of actor Manolo Calvo, married to Maria Teresa Frigos Mosca (1958-1960), married Ursula Calvo (1960-1996) father of nine children.
Duel at the Rio Grande - 1963 (General Gutiérrez)
A Coffin for the Sheriff – 1965 (Lupe Rojo/Red Wolf)
Django Does Not Forgive – 1966 (Lecomte)
Ringo's Big Night – 1966 (José)
Ringo; the Face of Revenge – 1967 (Fidel)
Two Crosses at Danger Pass – 1967 (Old Morane)
Go for Broke – 1968 (José Gomez)
Killer, Adios – 1968 (Bill Bragg)
A Pistol for 100 Coffins – 1968
Ringo the Lone Rider – 1968 (Bill Anderson)
Fistful of Lead – 1970 (Hoagy)
Sartana's Coming, Get Your Coffins Ready – 1970 (Hoagy)

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