Friday, May 12, 2017

Western, Italian Style

Western, Italian Style – English title

A 1968 Italian production [WKW Productions (Rome)]
Producer: Lars Bloch
Director: Patric Morin
Screenplay: Frank Wolff
Photography: Frank Wolff [Eastmancolor]
Music: John and Wayne (John Ireson, Wayne Parham)
Songs: “Oh Marie”, “Wanted Man Dead or Alive”, “Bound for Higher Ground” sung by John and Wayne (John Ireson, Wayne Parham)

Running time: 38 minutes

Narrator: Frank Wolff
With: Chelo Alonso (Alicia Garcia), Leo Anchoriz (Leopardo Fustel), Walter Barnes, Lars Bloch, Rick Boyd (Federico Boido), Mario Brega, Mario Caiano, Enzo G. Catellari (Enzo Girolami), Chuck Connors (Kevin Connors), Sergio Corbucci, Alberto Dell’Acqua, Jacques Herlin, John Ireson, Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski), Vonetta McGee, Marisa Merlini, Tomas Milian (Tomas Rodriguez), Donal O’Brien, Wayn Parham (Weyman Parham), Lugi Pistilli, Giovanni Pazzafini, Luciano Rossi, Antonio Sabato, John Saxon, Sergio Sollima, Anthony Steffen (Antonio De Teffe), Jose Torres, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia)

An Italian documentary on the making of Italian westerns. Frank Wolff filmed behind the scene footage of several of the western films he made over the years and it was pieced together with interviews and screen footage to compile this unique documentary on the Italian Western genre.  


The featurette can be found on the Blue Underground 2003 DVD "Run, Man, Run" and the
Blue Underground 2010 DVD "Django" Blu-ray.

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