Friday, January 13, 2017

The Feud

Umbango – Zulu title
The Feud – English title

A 1986 South African production [Taurus Films (Theescombe)]
Producer: Steve Hand
Director: Tonie van der Merwe
Story: Pat Johnson
Screenplay: Pat Johnston
Cinematography: Tonie van der Merwe [black & white]      
Music: Edwin Knopf
Running time: 68 minutes

Innocent Gumede, Kay Magubane, Hector Manthanda, Dumisani Shongwe, Vincent Velekazi

When Kay Kay, a powerful, ruthless businessman, sets out on a mission of revenge against two men accused of killing his brother, he strong-arms the local sheriff into forming a posse of thugs to aid in his vendetta. But when Jet and Owen, the two easy going friends, learn of the gang out for their blood, they prepare to stand their ground and fight back. It all comes to a head in a final gun-fight, a showdown in the small western town where blood will have to be spilled if the friends wish to come out of this alive.

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