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Lyddie – British title
Lyddie – Canadian title
A Grande Chance de Lyddie – Brazilian title
Lyddie – English title

A 1996 Canadian, British co-production [BBC, Wall to Wall Television (London), CRC, The Film Works, Minds Eye Pictures/Entertainment, Victor Solnicki Productions,
Producer: Alex Graham, Eric Jordan
Director: Stefan Scaini
Story: Lyddie by Katherine Paterson
Screenplay: Maggie Wadey
Cinematography: Michael Storey [color]
Music: Mark Korven
Running time: 116 minutes

Lyddie Worthen – Tanya Allen
Betsy – Danielle Brett
Mr. Marsden – Tom Georgeson
Diana Gos - Christianne Hirt
With: Nathaniel DeVeaux
Luke Stevens – Simon James
Mrs. Bedlow – Pat Keen
Rachel Worthen – Andrea Libman
Charlie Worthen – Danny Mulvihil
Anne Ridley – Kaye Wragg

Set in 1860, the film tells the story of Lyddie, an impoverished farm girl whose father has been gone for three long years, and whose mother has left her to fend for herself. Feeling that she is little more than a slave to the neighbors who have taken over the family farm, Lyddie decides to improve her lot by taking a job as a factory worker in a nearby town. Though the living conditions in the company boarding house are far from ideal and the working conditions in the mill are dangerous, Lyddie at least has a sense of freedom. She makes friends with a co-worker, Diana, who resents the working conditions and has an influence on Lyddie's way of thinking. The young girl also discovers the joys and importance of reading, and by the end of the film is ready to take another adventurous step forward in her personal life.

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