Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Far West

Le far-west – French title
Far West Story – English title
Far West – English title

A 1972 French, Belgium co-production [Les Films 13 (Paris), IFC Films (Brussels)]
Producer: Therese Michielsen
Director: Jacques Brel
Story: Jacques Brel
Screenplay: Jacques Brel, Paul Andréota      
Cinematography: Alain Levant [Eastmancolor]
Music: Jacques Brel, François Rauber
Song: “L’Enfrance” sung by Jacques Brel
Running time: 100 minutes

Jacques – Jacques Brel
Véronique/Gabriel – Gabriel Jabbour
Danièle – Danièle Evenou (Danielle Evennou)
Véro – Véronique Mucret
The Faker - Charles Gérard (Naubar Agjenor)
The Indian Chief – Michel Piccoli (Jacques Piccoli)
Prisoner - Lino Ventura (Angelo Ventura)
Psychiatrist – Claude Lelouch
With: Amédée (Philippe de Cherisey), François Cadet, Juliette Gréco, Grégoire Katz, André Debaar, René Wuillame, France Arnell, Marc Audier, Ramon Barri, Edouard Caillau, Ceel, Gilbert Charles, Robert Delieu, Pierre Dermo (Leopold Molders), Michel de Warzee, Nicola Donato, Robert Lussac (Robert Timmermans), Richard Luthers, Gustave Messens, Jean Musin, Robert Roanne , Geo Bell’s, André Debaar, Lucien Froidebise, Simone Max, Erick Stevens, René Williams (René Wuillame)

Jacques meets Gabriel. Both come to an understanding that they are lost souls from a different time and place…the American West. They leave together for the Far West and take a ravishing black cripple under their protection, and on their way their little band grows. They arrive at the Far West. It does not matter that it looks like an old mine. They enjoy themselves. But one day, they find gold. Jacques fails to report it to the authorities. Thus the group falls under the blows of the army in a new Fort Alamo.

[Not a true western but with enough western elements to be posted as a fringe oddity.]

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