Monday, January 2, 2017

European Western Comic Books ~ Geronimo

Geronimo was the nickname by which Goyathlay was known, the old Apache chief was born in 1829 in the territory that now Ariziona and soon became the leader of the last Apache Indians who opposed the decision of the US government to lock them up on reservations. Considered bloodthirsty by American settlers, but for the Apache people he was the hero who fully embodied the aggression and the courage of their race. Because of his apparent invulnerability to bullets he was also believed to be endowed with supernatural powers. Defeated in 1882 and forced onto a reserve, Geronimo fled almost immediately and reprised the fight ending four years later with his capture was made by General Miles. Sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he remained there until his death in 1909, after dictating an interesting autobiography. As well as those published by Cerretti in 1971, the famous character is immortalized in several episodes: He first appear in the Guido Buzzelli version THE ADVENTURES OF WORLDWIDE (Flaminia, 1962), on n. 4 NECKLACE ALBI MONTHLY (Gioggi, 1954), entitled "Geronimo, Last of the Redskins" and later reprinted on KEEN SUMAN (Europer, 1967). A paperback volume entitled GERONIMO comes as a supplement to n. 20 Whip ZORRO (Ed. For Youth, 1968). The character also appears in TEXAS STORIES (Ciarrapico, 1977), which reprints "Epic of the Wild West," and in the collection SUPER ZORRO (Cerretti, 1973). A parody version signed by Oriali, finally, is published in WEST SIDE STORY ... ELLE (Cerretti, 1972).

Geronimo was featured in his own comic book series beginning in 1971 when 4 issues were published, in 1972 10 issues were publishes, 1973 only one issue was released, in 1974 8 issues were published and in 1975 only one issue was released, in 1976 9 issues were published and in 1977/178 15 issues were published.

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