Sunday, January 29, 2017


Juanito – Spanish title
3 Kerle geh'n durch dick und dünn – German title
Unsere Heimat ist die ganze Welt – German title
Viva Juanito! Argentinian title
Juanito - Brazilian title
Juanito, pan, amor y besos – Mexican title
Juanito – Turkish title
Juanito – English title

A 1958 Spanish, German and Argentinian co-production [Jesús Sáiz P.C., Dokumentar Color]
Producer: Heinz Neubert, Jesús Sáiz
Director: Fernando Palacios
Story: Wolf Neumister, H. Bertram (Hans Bertram)
Screenplay: H. Bertram (Hans Bertram), Wolf Neumister
Cinematography: Ricardo Torres [Agfacolor]
Music: Augusto Alguero
Song: ‘Pan, amor y beses’ sung by Francisco del Val
Running time: 105 minutes

Juanito - Pablito Calvo
Tom - Hans von Borsody
Carmencita - Sabine Bethmann
Luisa - Pilar Cansino
Paddy - George Thomalla
President Meza - Antonio Casas
General Vegas – Marco Davó (José Marco Davó)
Doctor Agapito - Félix Fernández
Doctor Ramiro - José María Prada
Carras - José M. Martin (José Manuel Martín)
Colonel Cuesta – Alfredo Mayo
Pedrillo - Ángel Ortiz
With: Ena Sedeno, Josefina Serratosa, Francis Bernal de Quiros, Maria Vico, Francisco Bernal, Anibal Vela, José Sepulveda, Juan Cazalilla, José Toledano, Tomás Blanco, Manuel Arbó, Ángel Álvarez

During the Mexican revolution the presidential palace is attacked and it is only thanks to the intervention of a sympathetic maid that the president’s son Jaunito is able to escape. After being mortally injured by an exploding bomb she is forced to ask the help of Tom, a German hunter who – unaware of the boy’s background – agrees to take him into his care. After escaping by train they head to his mountain hut where they meet with Tom’s friend and partner, Paddy. In the meantime the head of the army, General Vegas is desperate to find Jaunito and offers a substantial reward for any information that leads to his recapture. When Tom and Paddy discover the true identity of their charge they decide to do everything they can to keep him safe but, after being betrayed by a duplicitous Doctor, Juanito he is recaptured and they are locked up in a seemingly impregnable prison.

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