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Who Are Those Guys ? - Helmut Brasch

Helmut Brasch was born Helmut Beaesch in Berlin, Germany on August 15, 1912. Helmut learned his acting craft at Paul Bildt and had before World War II, among other things, made a commitment to the State Theatre in Meiningen, where he stood on stage again after the war in July 1945. He then moved to Berlin in September of that that year and joined the Hebbel-Theater.  Brasch made a name for himself as the founder and writer in the field of cabaret.  So it was in 1938 he was involved in the founding of the Dachluke, a cabaret that shortly after its opening was closed down by the Nazis opening again on August 1, 1947.  In May 1948, Brasch called the Cabaret onlookers to life among which Ralf Wolter and Günter Pfitzmann.  After a stint at the Frankfurt Struwwelpeter he founded together with Werner Finck, The Struwwelpeter in Stuttgart in 1951. Also in the 1950s Brasch wrote lyrics for the Düsseldorf Kom(m)ödchen and The Chimney in Berlin.  From 1955 to 1958 he played in Munich at the Kleinen Freiheit in several revues of Friedrich Hollaender and stood until 1975 on the stages of various theaters.

Directed by Veit Harlan, Helmut Brasch made his film debut in “Maria, die Magd” in 1936.  There followed until 1941 other film appearances, but only in 1952 did he begin his full film career and was seen until his death in numerous productions on television and the big screen. In Robert Siodmak’s thriller “Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam” (Night When the Devil Came), he played an SS squad leader, in the musical film “Schneewittchen und die sieben Gaukler” (Snow White and the Seven Jugglers) he acted as trainer. 1968 saw him beside Werner Enke and Uschi Glas in comedyZur Sache, Schätzchen”, at the beginning of the 1970s he appeared in some erotic films. In the 1960s had Brasch was seen in guest roles in well-known series like “Kommissar Freytag”, “Das Kriminalmuseum” and “Der Alte Kommissar” and Gerhard Polt’s series “Fast wia im richtigen Leben”. The last role played by Brasch was in 1987 as Mr. Schrambeck in several episodes of the series “Die Hausmeisterin”.

Beginning in the 1960s, Helmut Brasch also worked as a radio speaker, he worked among other things, in two productions based on novels by the Swedish author pair Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö in 1979’sVerschlossen und verriegelt” and in 1980 in “Die Terroristen”, both in the role of the prosecutor Olsson, Brasch wrote the radio play “Die traurige Geschichte einer Chance” in 1951 under the direction of Fritz Benscher produced.

Helmut Brasch died in Starnburg, Bavaria Germany on July 2, 1987. He would have been 75 the following month.

BRASCH, Helmut (Helmut Braesch) [8/15/1912, Berlin, Berlin, Germany – 7/2/1987, Starnburg, Bavaria, Germany] – screenwriter, film, radio, TV, voice actor.
Spaghetti Western – 1974 (Logan)
Montana Trap – 1975

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