Monday, February 22, 2016

Blood Sun: Dark West

Blood Sun: Dark West

A 2011, 2013, 2015 French production [La Horde de Cineastes Films, Entity Films
Director: Stéphane Ciantar (26)
Story: Stéphane Ciantar
Screenplay: Stéphane Ciantar
Cinematography: [color]
Music: Emmanuel Cavallo
Running time: 3 episodes x 14 minutes

Ashley Levindead, Charles Farrado, Henk Bembom, Jonathan Maurice, Sebastian Brillant, Hugo Lirlandais, Alban Dixnluf, Brice Lemaire, John Keuterickx, Dimitri Hubac, Jean Mintoff, Trizio Lo, Francois Casanova, Joseph Longubardo, Sonia Cukier, Fanny Long, Santina Colisano, Lea Fontugnes, Eric Massolo, Jean Jacque Luongo,  Andre Ferrer, Roman Soni, Chris Tomneer,
Lysiane Vaquero, Stéphane Ciantar, Matheo Fontugnes, Noel Huet, Christophe Huet, Elodie Cartner, Helene Bertinetti, Marie Bertinetti, George Eduard,
Florent Hugon, Jonathan Oumarou

Spending several years in the American West, "The Four," a group of outlaws who sows panic into major towns, is found under the yoke of a curse that gives them evil powers. The four men in the possession of these powers take the opportunity to enslave settlers of the west. Only one of theim "Wyatt" does not want to hurt anyone and turns against his former gang. Three years after killing two former members of his team he starts to go crazy because of the curse, Wyatt is now heading towards the city of Horse City which is the refuge of the last member: "James' brother. James happens to be the last obstacle that stands between Wyatt and his redemption

Episode list:
Blood Sun: New Day – 2011
Blood Sun: The Camp 2013
Blood Sun: The Revelation 2015

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