Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Penny Dreadful Season 3 filming in Almeria

After having most of its scenes filmed in Dublin, Ireland for its first two seasons, "Penny Dreadful" season three will have an additional location shoot, and it's no other than Almeria, Spain. However, according to Master Herald, the location will not be projected as a European site but it will be made to appear as the American West during the 1800s.

This production move is not new to the viewers as the first two seasons of the gothic horror series, albeit being filmed in Ireland, the series showed it to be London during the 1800s. Master Herald further revealed that Dublin will still be part of the series' location as the show's season two featured the place as where Eva Green's character, Vanessa Ives, was last seen. Additionally, the show's version of London is where its immortal couple characters Dorian Gray and Lily plan to actualize their plan of sowing evil.

On the other hand, there is a need for the show to come up with its own version of the American West because, in the season two finale, Ethan Chandler was sent back to America after his admission that he was the culprit for the bloody murders at the Mariner's Inn in London when he transformed into a werewolf.

Reports of Timothy Dalton, who plays the role of Sir Malcolm Murray, and Josh Hartnett, who breathes life to the character of Ethan Chandler, filming in Almeria fuel speculations that their characters will meet in the American West. It can be recalled that during the season two finale, Sir Malcolm Murray left for Africa to return the remains of his trusted assistant Sembene. Sembene was killed in the locked staircase of the witch castle when Ethan turned into a werewolf.

According to an earlier report by the International Business Times, fans are expecting season three of the series to feature a romantic link between Eva Green and John Hartnett's characters. However, the teaser for the upcoming season seems to douse their hope.

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