Monday, February 15, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? - Arthur Brauss

Arthur Brauss was born in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany on June 24, 1936. The son of a garden master, in his youth he was a talented pole vaulter and 1954 German Youth Champion. In the same year he completed his schooling at Augsburg College. After a commercial apprenticeship in a factory Construction Brauss received from the University of Wyoming a scholarship and studied mathematics and economics there. At the local students theater, he developed an interest in acting.

In 1960, he returned to Germany and was employed by Infratest and Radio Free Europe. In 1963, he made his film debut directed by Rolf Hädrich his film debut in the film “Verspätung in Marienborn” (under the name "Art Brauss"). He then appeared in the ZDF children's series Timm Thaler (1979) as the chief mate on a ship and is probably best remembered for his work in Sam Peckinpah's “Cross of Iron” (1977).

He was known nationally in Germany as police officer Richard Block in Jürgen Roland’s television series ‘Großstadtrevier’.  Besides his international work Brauss played many different roles, he appeared in nine ‘Tatort’ episodes and ten episodes of ‘Der Alte’.  He had, among other things cameos in ‘Café Meineid’, ‘Münchner Geschichten’, ‘Das Kriminalmuseum’, ‘Siska’, ‘Wolffs Revier’, ‘Ein Fall für TKKG’, ‘Derrick’, ‘Ein Fall für zwei’, ‘Polizeiinspektion 1’, ‘Kottan ermittelt’, ‘Der Kommissar’, ‘Balko’, ‘Polizeiruf 110’, ‘SOKO 5113’ and ‘Der Staatsanwalt’.

Brauss has largely withdrawn from the German television, working primarily in theater.  In 2009 he took over the role of Götz von Berlichingen at the Castle Festival Jagsthausen. He is married to Marie Poccolin and has lived for over 30 years in the Munich district of Schwabing.  

BRAUSS, Artur (aka Arthur Brause, Art Brauss, William Levine) [6/24/1936, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany -     ] - TV actor, singer, married to Marie Poccolin (19??-    ).
Cry of the Black Wolves - 1972 (Tornado Kid) [as Arthur Brauss]
The Blue Hotel (TV) - 1973 (cowboy) [as Arthur Brauss]
Yankee Dudler - 1973 (Sebastian Lennerwein)
Burning Daylight (TV) - 1975 (Charles Clayton) [as Arthur Brauss]
Montana Trap – 1975 (James Wesley) [as Arthur Brauss]
My Friend Winnetou (TV) – 1979 (Lieutenant Robert Merrill) [as Arthur Brauss]

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