Friday, February 19, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? - Charly Bravo

Charly Bravo was born Ramón Carlos Mirón-Muñoz Bravo in Casablanca, Morocco on March 6, 1943. Bravo has appeared in over 200 films including over 20 Euro-westerns and in numerous TV series, from ‘Mediterráneo’ to ‘Hospital central’. He is best remembered for appearances in known for “The Cannibal Man” (1973), “The Boldest Job in the West” (1972) and “En la ciudad sin límites” (2002).

But today he complains that the profession has closed its doors to Bohemians like him. He is still always aware of the latest casting calls. "I still have not learned how to adjust my curriculum to the computer?  It took him two demanding years, to learn from his teenaged grandchildren.  Each time their grandfather appears on TV, they hold a  meeting to discuss his performance.

Have he failed as an actor? "No, rented living does not mean that I am a broken toy" Bravo answers, and he starts to look back at his career, “Conan the Barbarian”, opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger; the work of “Zorba the Greek” in the theater with Fabio Testi ... "When I leave to tour I sleep in luxury hotels, but I cannot fall asleep with on my modest pension."  The hostel is behind the Gran Via, 100 meters from his home. "Living with my wife and two daughters was not good, so I took off.  I'm a loner and somewhat selfish, but loneliness does not frighten me."  However, he recognizes that living in the Hostal Estrella, de MadridStar gives him "tranquility."

His modesty prevents him from showing off his small room, "I bump into walls" which contains his wardrobe and washbasin with a mirror and decorated with 200 religious items. "When I get angry I shout out the window." The three room suite costs him 500 euros a month, although he says he would charge half. To afford it, I play guitar on the Metro. "Always practicing on the street to avoid disturbing the other tenants" he says.  With the parents of the current owner, the deal was closer, "I brought Zamora chorizo", although he has never ceased to celebrate Christmas Eve with his second family.

Still semi-active today his last appearance was on the TV series ‘La fuga’ in 2012.

BRAVO, Carlos (aka Charli Barvo, Charlie Bravo, Charley Bravo, Charly Bravo) (Ramón Carlos Mirón-Muñoz Bravo) [3/6/1943, Casablanca, Morocco -     ] – film, TV actor.
The Warriors of Pancho Villa – 1966
Cemetery Without Crosses - 1968 (Stone Valee) [as Charly Bravo]
A Bullet for Sandoval - 1969 [as Charly Bravo]
El Condor - 1969 (bandit)
Land Raiders – 1969 [as Charly Bravo]
100 Rifles – 1969 (Lopez) [as Charly Bravo]
The Price of Power – 1969 (deputy)
Captain Apache - 1970 (Sanchez)
Santana Kills Them All – 1970 (Adam Kirby)
The Boldest Job in the West - 1971 (Poldo) [as Charley Bravo]
The Hunting Party - 1971 (cowboy)
A Town Called Hell – 1971 (Juan)
The Call of the Wild - 1972 [as Charly Bravo]
The Man Called Noon – 1973 (Lang) [as Charlie Bravo]
The Son of Zorro – 1973 (Pedrito) [as Charly Bravo]
Spaghetti Western – 1974 (Judd) [as Charly Bravo]
China 9, Liberty 37 - 1978 (Duke) [as Charly Bravo]
Comin’ at Ya! - 1980 [as Charly Bravo]
Rustlers’ Rhapsody – 1984
Tex and the Lord of the Deep – 1985 (Marcos/Pablito) [as Charly Bravo]
White Apache – 1985 (Ryder/Redeath) [as Charly Bravo]
Scalps – 1986 (Red Eagle)
Contra el tiempo – 2011 [himself]

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