Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Ballad for Tex

A Ballad for Tex – English title

A 2014 U.S.A., Italian co-production [San Diego State University (SanDiego)]
Producer: Nora Sota
Director: Alberto Massarese
Story: Alberto Massarese
Screenplay: Alberto Massarese
Cinematography: Nate Elegino (Nathaniel Elegino) [color]
Music: Alberto Falco, Raffaele Natale
Running time: 16 minutes

Jesse – Seth Cash
Handsome Joe the Gambler - Rhoads Osbourne
Tex – Michael Italiano
Elizabeth/Minnie - Billie-Anna Norris
Charlie – Thomas Jarrett
Old Jimmy – Cal Smith
Soldier – Jim Kinney
Sheriff - Daniel 'Rover' Singer
Saloon patron – Nathan Bell

The relationship between film, theater and the other visual and performing arts is examined in this western short. It is the story of Elizabeth, an aspiring actress, leading a very unhappy life, trapped in a loveless marriage. She finds escape within the bright colors of a painting that comes to life in the form of a musical number.

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