Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bloody West

Bloody West – International title

Director: Manuel Velasco
Story: A Victor Hugo Matellano, Stuven Casasnovas
Screenplay: A Victor Hugo Matellano, Stuven Casasnovas
Running time:

Concha Velasco (Concepción Varona), Paco Marsó, Michelle Jenner (Michelle Husson), Raúl Arévalo (Raúl Zarzo), Marc Clotet, Leticia Dolera, Carlos Bardem, Miguel Ángel Muñoz (Miguel Blanco), Javier Botet (Javier Lopez), Eva Almaya, Ana Fernandez, Cecilia Gessa, Eva Calleja, Hugo Stuven Casasnovas, Manuel M. Velasco

A group of friends travel to the Almeria desert to spread the ashes of the father of one of them who was a lover of spaghetti westerns. Arriving in one of the villages west of Tabernas they do not find the usual spectacle of specialists but some sinister characters who believe they are still living in the heyday of the Spaghetti western.

[film was never made]

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