Friday, February 26, 2016

Bodmers Journey

Bodmers Reise – Swiss title
Bodmers Journey – U.S.A. title

A 2010 U.S.A., Swiss co-production [Jeridoo Productions (Hollywood), Silvertrain Productions (Bern)]
Producer: Luke Gasser, Guido Baechler, Danny Ming
Director: Luke Gasser
Story: Luke Gasser
Screenplay: Luke Gasser
Dialogue: Monika Baechler [English]
Cinematography: Luke Gasser, Danny Ming [color]
Music: Max Lässer, Luke Gasser
Running time: 94 minutes

Narrator - Franziskus Abgottspon 
General William Clark - Ernst Spichtig
Karl Bodmer – Pascal Vogler
Mick - Hansruedi Abächerli
Young Indian - Pierce Nathan-Calvin Baechler
Tomaki – Angy Burri
Sioux warriors – Robert Cross, Kevin Eagle-Heart
David Dreidoppel – Bruno Gasser
Lunzi - René Gasser
Friedrich Blumenbach - Riodi Gasser
Red Hawk – Peter Holdener
Soldier – George Kohrel
Sioux Indians - Andreas Niederberger, Stephan Wittmer, Danny Ming
Maximilian of Wied - Erwin Odermatt
Mandan Indians – Pan Ronner, Sarah Ronner
With: Gary Anderson, Howard Bad-Hand, David Borlaug, Sarah Burt, Leonard Crow-Dog Jr., Chief-Leonard Crow-Dog, Yone Quiglie

On May 17, 1832 the German ethnologist and naturalist Prince Maximilian zu Wied and the young Swiss Artist Karl Bodmer set out on a long and adventurous journey into the vast prairies of North America to explore and document the Native Americans.

This documentary feature traces the footsteps of Prince Maximilian von Wied and the Swiss artist Karl Bodmers on their journey through America and their adventures. Shot on original location featuring the native Indian nations and tribes like the Lakota or Mandan. With interviews with Chief Crow

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