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Who Are Those Guys? - Jaime Blanch

Jaime Blanch Montijano was born in Collado Villalba, Madrid, Spain on September, 9, 1940. Jaime was born into a family of artists, in which his parents were two known actors, José [1904-1996] and Concha Montijano. His aunt and uncle were also engaged in acting and were very popular, they being Montserrat Blanch [1903-1995] and Modesto Blanch [1909-1990].
Most likely influenced by the environment around him, Jaime began his acting career at an early age. He has an extensive professional background in television and in film, but may be considered primarily a stage actor.

His debut, which took place at the age of 12, in 1952, was in the film "Gloria Mairena" by Luis Lucia, which he followed up the next year in, "God 's War" by Rafael Gil, and "Jeromín", again with Luis Lucia, who would later work on other titles such as "Andalusian Knight", "Un marido de ida y vuelta” and “Ha llegado un ángel”.
Blanch has appeared in many films with some of the most renowned directors of his time, as in Antonio del Real’s " Araña y cierra España", in Pedro Maso “La familia, bien, gracias”, and Alex de la Iglesia in “Acción mutante” and “El día de la bestia”. In appearing in two Euro-westerns he used the Americanized alias Bob Johnson for his role as Hurricane in “The Son of Django” (1967) and his real name in 1968’s “Killer Adios” where he played a prisoner.
As for television, Jaime started working in it in the early 1960s, starring in many of the plays that were issued as part of shows like "Studio 1", "Fiction", "Tengo un libro en las manos” and "Teatro de siempre".
On stage the actor has a great track record. Being impossible to list all the works he has starred in, highlighting just some as “Angelina o el honor de un brigadier”, “La venganza de don Mendo”, “Una visita inesperada”, “La alondra”, “Medea”, “Crimen perfecto” and ”Aquí un amigo” which he directed himself.
Blanch ws married to the actress Marta Puig [1943- ] and then María José Moreno with whom he had two sons born in 1967 and 1971.

BLANCH, Jaime (aka Bob Johnson, Robert Johnson) (Jaime Blanch Montijano) [9/9/1940, Collado Villalba, Madrid, Spain -     ] – stage, TV actor, son of actor José Blanch [1904-1996], actresses Concha Montijano, nephew of actresss Montserrat Blanch [1903-1995], actor Modesto Blanch [1909-1990] married to actress Marta Puig [1943-    ] (19??-196?), married to María José Moreno (196?-1980), father of ? [1967-    ], ? [1971-    ].
The Son of Django – 1967 (Hurricane) [as Bob Johnson]
Killer, Adios – 1968 (prisoner)

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