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La caza del oro – Spanish title
Lo credevano uno stinco de santo – Italian title
Il n’y a plus se saints au Texas – French title
Zwei ausgekochte Halunken – German title
Ena liontari pou to legane Gringo – Greek title
Ton fonazan Ouranokatevato – Greek title
Pistevan oti itan agios – Greek title
Gulljakten – Norwegian title
They Believed He was a Saint – English title
Too Much Gold for One Gringo – English title
A 1972 Spanish, Italian co-production [Cine XX (Madrid), P.E.A. (Rome)]
Producer: Alberto De Stefanis
Director: Juan Bosch (Juan Palau)
Story: Sergio Donai, Juan Bosch (Juan Palau)
Screenplay: Juan Bosch (Juan Palau), Fabio Piccioni
Cinematography: Julio Pérez de Rozas [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Marcello Giombini
Running time: 96 minutes
Trash Benson – Anthony Steffen (Antonio de Teffe)
Fermin Rojas – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Paco/Cato – Daniel Martín (José Martínez)
Travers – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
María – Tania Alvarado
Jonathan Carver – Manuel Guitián
Dean Carver – Manny Gel (Manuel Salgado)
Preacher – Gaspar ‘Indio’ Gonzales
Padre Javier - Gustavo Re
Molly – Irene D’Astrea
Apache Joe – Juan M. Solano (Juan Miguel Solano)
Silvertop - Antonio Ponciano
Jed Spotless - Ricardo Moyán
Gunman – Juan Antonio Rubio
Prison warden - Raf Baldassarre (Raffaelle Baldassarre)
Sheriff – Jarque Zurbano
Melquiades - Ángel Lombarte
Villager – Juan Torres
Molly’s friend – Carmen Roger
Rojas henchman – Ivan Patiño (Juan Patiño)
Travers’ henchman - Esteban Dalmases

Jonathan Carver, a former transporter for a mining company, took advantage of his profession by one day stealing 28 bags of gold. Sitting in the County Prison for 20 years he has jealously guarded the secret of the hiding place and now, at the end of his sentence, he is awaited by the gunman Trash Benson, Mr. Trevers company, and four other greedy bandits. Aided by Trash and the Mexican Paco, his cellmate, old Carver manages to elude the bandits and dies of heart failure. Led by a clue found by Molly, the temporary allies, Trash and Paco, cross the border into Mexico and travel to San Fermin, the village where the statue of the saint of the same name, fervently worshiped by the people. Carver has hidden the gold in the statue. However they were preceded by the revolutionary bandit Firmin Rojas and they themselves are promptly followed by the bandits. When the battle grows fierce, Trash and Paco risk their lives over and over again. When all the outlaws are killed and many of the villagers needlessly sacrificed, Paco deserts Trash; leaves a portion of the gold to the villagers and runs away from his friend.
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