Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remembering Gloria Marin

Gloria Marin was born Gloria Ramos Luna on April 19,1919 in Mexico City, Mexico. Her mother was singer, actress Maria Laura Ramos Luna (Laura Marin), and her father was industrialist Pedro Méndez Armendáriz.
She had a long career beginning at the age of 5. She was also known as Jorge Negrete's co-star and for being his lover for about 11 years. They never married because she never got along with his mother. He preferred to stay with his mother because she did not want him to be with Gloria. She got tired of fighting for Jorge playing tug of war with his mother and later married Mexican filmmaker Abel Salazar [1917-1995] (1953-1955)
In 1951 she had a daughter, named Gloria Virginia Ramos.
Marin appeared in two Euro-westerns:”The Coyote” (1954) and the sequel “The Judgment of the Coyote” (1955) in the role of Leonor de Acevedo/Mara
Gloria went on to appear in many TV series, and died on April 13, 1983 in Mexico City due to lung disease.
Today we remember Gloria Marin on what would have been her 95th birthday.

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