Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Remembering Carlo Innocenzi

Carlo Innocenzi was born on April 29, 1899 in Monteleone de Spoleto, Umbria, Italy. He moved to Rome, where he worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Transport, and graduated in violin following the course of Remy Principe. He then studied composition under the guidance of Dobici and Palombi. Innocenzi is best known as a film composer; he composed over 150 film scores beginning in 1933. From 1958 till his death, he focused on peplum (sword and sandal) film scores.
Innocenzi also composed several pop songs, and some of them were not only commercial hits but also became instant classics, notably "Mille lire al mese" and "Valeria ragazza poco seria". He was married to Sonia Pearlwing, who under the name of Marcella Rivi was the author of the lyrics for several songs composed by him.
Innocenzi composed the score for one Euro-western “The Terror of Oklahoma” (1959).
Carlo died in Rome, Italy on March 24, 1962.
Today we remember Carlo Innocenzi on what would have been his 115th birthday.

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